When Your Dream Goes Dim

Here I am, surrounded by 4 dogs. My daughter just fell asleep and I try to decide either to write or to take a nap. It is one of those days when you feel that no one actually likes what you write, one of those days when you understand people actually don’t have time to read, a day that you think that a Stay at Home Mom is not a real job!

Sometimes my husband comes home and asks me about my day and I say, “Oh I did nothing much!”, and start telling him about the cutest things our daughter did throughout the day.

I feel I did nothing much because I used to work with tens or sometimes hundreds of kids and now taking care of only one feels like it’s ‘not good enough’. I say “nothing much” because I don’t have important meetings with writers, illustrators or event planners or graphic designers or artists or world changers etc, etc. “Nothing much” because it is random daily stuff I do: feed, change diapers, play, educate, clean, cook and in the middle of all this I try to find some time for writing.

Sometimes it feels that no matter how hard we try it’s not good enough. It is this idea inside our heads that by doing ‘big things’ is the way appreciate ourselves.

Mother Teresa says: Love begins at home and it is not how much we do but how much love we put in that action. 

Yes, taking care of my daughter is the greatest and the most important thing for me to do, in order to help the world to be a better place. I give her love and I teach her kindness and I read to her and we have fun and… oh, I love that I’m so privileged to do this.

I am so privileged that no matter how hard it gets sometimes in the end of the day I feel loved because I was faithful in these little things I’m doing.

I feel privileged that my meetings are between me and this little girl that I always dreamed to have as my daughter. I don’t have a lot of money or a lot of people reading my writings, I’m not publishing any books for children but I’m living my Big Dream! I’m helping my daughter to write the Book of her Life!

I want to encourage you too, if you feel you are not doing what your highest call is, think twice! Maybe you are living it!

© Ledia Bostic

blog pic

Alina, 3 months old

Monday Night Bedtime Poem


Goodnight Apple Pie

My mom said I can’t have another piece

My dad said it’s bad for my teeth

My brother said he didn’t want to share his

And you are still there!

My dear Apple Pie,

Good Night and sweet Dreams!

Sleep tight and you might grow an inch!

So tomorrow I can have a bigger pinch!

© Ledia Bostic

You Want to Be Your Child’s Hero?

Are you a teacher, graphic designer, a gardener, a zookeeper, an office manager? Or are you a builder, a realtor, a safety guard, a doctor, a banker or a stay at home mom or dad? Today, April 24th, is “Bring your Child to Work Day”.


One of the most wonderful memories I have from childhood was when my dad would bring me to his workplace. All of his coworkers would greet me and spoil me with cookies or drinks. I loved to see how respected my dad was. Maybe he didn’t realize this but I could recognize it no matter how young I was. My dad was a mechanic and he worked with power generators. I was so fascinated of those things and especially of the little things I would find on the ground.

My imagination would fly there. I would imagine that the nuts of the screws were rings and I would put one on each finger.

I felt like a queen!

Take your child to your work today just for a little bit and show them what you do! I bet you will be their hero!

In My Daydreams



Oh my day dreams!

They’re sometimes funny!

Clouds seem like popcorn,

When I feel  hungry.


Then, they turn into ice cream,

When some desert I crave,

I eat all the clouds

Because I am Brave!


When I want to go places,

In My day dreams, I would do,

Turn clouds into hot air balloons

And bring a friend too.


In your day dreams what do you do?

Before There Were 3, We Were 2

I love my husband!

I never thought I would find someone like him because I thought this kind of guy didn’t exist. But when I wasn’t even looking for love, he found me, and never let me go. We got married in Albania and today will mark 4 years since we said “I do” to each-other.

Yes, being happily married is a true thing. I fall in love more and more with this amazing guy and I thank God for who he is every day of my life. He makes me feel like the most beautiful girl alive, he makes me laugh… a lot, we talk and have pleasant conversations about different topics, try to build up one another and love to see each-other successful in what we do, we read together, we pray together and he is the most amazing dad for our little daughter.

He is a great example to her and to what she should  look for in a guy in the future. Every bit of her happiness starts from her two parents being happy and in harmony with each-other. That’s what we try to teach her everyday! So regardless of how many you have in the family, don’t forget to focus on the two of you. The husband and wife relationship is the spine of a family.

If you know Daniel… you know I’m not exaggerating. Also he loves people, he is generous and he knows when to say “Sorry!” Happy Anniversary my love and thank you for making me believe again in marriage and true love.

Here are some pics from our wedding 4 years ago…





HANDS (A poem for kids of all ages)


When you think you’re small and there’s nothing to do,

You think you’re too young and no one needs you,

Think twice little one and look at your hand,

Shake it with someone and be a good friend.


When you think you have nothing to offer today,

Have no money, no job only two hands to play,

Think twice little one and write a nice letter,

Give it to someone to make them feel better.


When you think you can’t help and feel bad,

You think you can’t care for your own pet,

Wipe the tears of someone with your hand today,

Let your soft touch brighten somebody’s day.


When you feel your hands are too small to fix a thing,

You can’t even reach the water to wash in the sink,

Then stretch out your arms, open them wide and big,

There’s more power in a hug than you’d ever think.




I am beautiful because I have a daughter


Before my daughter was born I would joke about parts of my body I didn’t like like my teeth or nose, or about me being thin or about me being fat during pregnancy etc. Then I read an article that changed my point of view.

I don’t want my daughter to hear her mom say that she is not pretty or negative thoughts about her.

I want my daughter to be a confident woman, not to be insecure about her body because I think God made her perfect. And this will start from her mom, being confident in who she is.

So everyday before I say anything I choose to say all the great things about this body that gave birth to her. Of course though, I try to eat healthy and exercise to show her that she should be active and stay healthy as well.

My husband always reminds me that I am beautiful no matter what, so he makes this choice easier for me. He also is such a great dad to Alina and he already is trying too to build confidence in our little princess.

So, if you have a daughter, be careful about the words you say about yourself. Respect yourself, love yourself and enjoy the beauty God has given you.

Share this with your mom as well. My mom too many times when I compliment her instead of thanking me she would say, “I’m not young anymore or my hair isn’t at it’s best today.” Now that Alina is born she has to make a choice of how she feels about herself for her granddaughter. 🙂


Never Give Up Doing These 5 Things


1. Never give up being kind even when others hurt you. Nothing hurts more than a bitter heart.

2. Never give up smiling even with no reason. Nothing is more reasonable than smiling just by looking at yourself in the mirror. You have one more day to live fully!

3. Never give up your dream even when things get hard. Nothing is harder than doing something you don’t like for the rest of your life.

4. Never give up giving even when you’re poor. Nothing is more poor that someone who thinks that can’t give anything to others.

5. Never give up believing even when it seems that there’s no way.  Sometimes a new way opens by a small miracle.

Monday? YES Please!

Monday?!!! Noooo!!! This is what I read in most of the posts on Monday mornings! People like to post about how Mondays are the most hateful days of the week and how sad they get that another Monday is here. I read lots of complaints as well because they have to work and and can’t wait for the week-end. 


Really? Sad? Okay, here are some reasons to love Mondays:

1. Without Mondays there won’t be week-ends! The week needs to start in order to end! So Enjoy this day!

2. Monday means work, yes, I know you don’t like it, but if you don’t make money you won’t have fun in the week-ends!

3. Mondays tell you if you like what you do or maybe it’s time for you to rethink what you do. Maybe it’s time to do something you like. 

4. My daughter and so many others were born on a Monday and always this day will be a special day to my family.

5. Moms work everyday, they even forget what day it is, so think that this week-end there will be people waking up early as usual making breakfast, changing diapers… to them Monday is as special as Saturday because they want to give the best to their kids. 

6. Enjoy TODAY! Don’t live your life for tomorrow or the week-end. Live joyfully today! Tomorrow you’ll be older. 

7. Monday means “the moon’s day”. Isn’t it such a beautiful name? Find creative ways to make this day count, don’t wait for another day.

Ok, do you guys have more to add? Now, don’t get me wrong, we can find so many reasons to hate Monday but when the next one comes around find a reason to enjoy and say: “Monday? Yes, Please!” 


My First Pecan Pie Recipe Because I Care About Your Happiness

My family got some fresh pecans and they asked me if I knew how to make a pecan pie. I said I never have made nor tasted one but… “Challenge Accepted!!!”

Yes, I did it on a Tuesday, I couldn’t even wait for the week-end because every day is a good day to have some pie. 😛 It turned out delicious according to the experts like my husband, my brother in law and his girlfriend and above all, my mother in law that is a queen of cooking!

Anyways, since some of my friends asked me to write the recipe and since I get more “likes” on Facebook on photos of food than deep inspirational writings according to me, below is the recipe. Now, I’m a great cook, I may share other secret recipes with you! Hahaha, so much for being humble! 

Okay, ready?

I combined two recipes together after I looked at many of them. 🙂

For the crust:

Click here to make your own 

Here comes the fun part of making the rest!

Click here and will bring you to the link

I put one cup brown sugar instead of white because I don’t like very sweet and I prefer brown more. I think next time I’ll put less syrup too or try maple syrup. But It was my first time and I didn’t want to experiment much. 

For Vanilla, you can use any type. 

I like the websites above because they tell you step by step what to do. 

And…. drum roll please!!!!! 

Here is mine! 



For all my Albanian friends, even if you can’t find pecans, this will be just fine with walnuts as well. Also, instead of syrup, honey or melted sugar will work. 🙂 

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did! For me it was “LEGEND…wait for it…DARY”