Play Fun, Play Dough!

Play Dough

Play dough, play dough,
It’s so fun to play,
You can make a bird,
A beautiful blue jay!

Yes way!

Who needs all these toys
When you become the maker
Of a colorful house,
That lays on a green acre.

I’m not a story maker!

You can make a star,
You can make a snake
You can make a bunny
You can make a cake!

How cool is that?

I know someone
That would make trees
And turtles and flowers
And tiny little bees.

Trust me please!

I can make a butterfly,
I can make a fish,
The funniest part though,
Is when smashed and squished.

It’s like jelly fish!

Let’s not buy toys
For sometimes I say,
Just get some play dough
It will save your day!

It will be okay!

Lullaby On A Rocking Chair


An empty rocking chair won’t rock
If you don’t sit on it,
A lullaby won’t live
If you don’t sing,
A hand will be lonely
If you don’t hold another hand,
Words will disappear
If written on sand.
A heart will grow cold
Without the warmth of love,
A house without people
Cannot be called `home`,
We all need each-other
On bright days and gray ones,
I would not be `me`
Without everyone.

© Ledia Bostic


I decided today not to tell to my daughter ‘No!’, when she does simple mistakes such as how an animal should sound; I didn’t tell her ‘No!’ when she flipped too many pages through her book just to go to her favorite picture first; I didn’t get impatient when she ate lunch so slow by herself with out my help; I didn’t mind if she sat on the floor behaving like one of our dogs; I didn’t correct her when instead of saying ‘fish’ she says, “Cocoli!”, (How did she even came up with that? Hearing “fish” and saying “cocoli” are two way different words from each other). Today, I didn’t tell my husband to not give her any of his sugar coated cereal, (Yes, I’m one of those moms all about healthy food). I didn’t tell her ‘No!’ when she wanted to jump in a rain puddle.  


And I laughed, I smiled, and I cherished every little moment… when she wanted all her baby dolls and fluffy toys in her crib and when she wanted to eat a snack on our bed. 


She will grow so fast and I want to stop and be able to be thankful about all these little things that make her the cutest. Feel the peace and beauty in the midst of all the changing diapers and training and learning and schedules.  


I’m thankful that God chose me, in the midst of the imperfections I have and gave me this little perfect being, trusting me to be her mom. 

When you are thankful it’s easy to see perfection in a mess.