You Want to Be Your Child’s Hero?

Are you a teacher, graphic designer, a gardener, a zookeeper, an office manager? Or are you a builder, a realtor, a safety guard, a doctor, a banker or a stay at home mom or dad? Today, April 24th, is “Bring your Child to Work Day”.


One of the most wonderful memories I have from childhood was when my dad would bring me to his workplace. All of his coworkers would greet me and spoil me with cookies or drinks. I loved to see how respected my dad was. Maybe he didn’t realize this but I could recognize it no matter how young I was. My dad was a mechanic and he worked with power generators. I was so fascinated of those things and especially of the little things I would find on the ground.

My imagination would fly there. I would imagine that the nuts of the screws were rings and I would put one on each finger.

I felt like a queen!

Take your child to your work today just for a little bit and show them what you do! I bet you will be their hero!

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