Under The Sea Birthday Party Theme

It’s my daughter second birthday and one of the things I love to do is planning parties especially for children. She loves fish which is why we went with this theme. Take a splash into the party! Welcome!


I hand made the invitations and almost all the decorations. It was fun because my daughter got to help too.

IMG_20150203_084634 IMG_20150203_084805

The whole house was filled with decorations that make you feel like you are under the sea. We also played a video with colorful coral and fish.


We had a little photo booth so I just put some fun clothes in a trunk related to the theme.




Alina helped me making these star fishes out of salt and flour. They feel like rock.


I made the cake and the cupcakes and they turned out to be delicious! We named all the food with sea related names.

IMG_20150203_085730 IMG_20150203_085801

The cheese is cut in triangles and the cookies are the best snicker doddle cookies I have ever had.

IMG_20150203_085833 IMG_20150203_085903

More delicious food.


Octo-dogs and fish and chips!


For veggies we got carrots and named them Crab Legs and for fruit got blueberries and named them Caviar.


Outside we had sand for the kids to play and some more fun games with bubbles and this game I made from a box etc.

IMG_20150203_090120 IMG_20150203_204244

Shells surrounding a very meaningful poem and my daughter before the party started.

IMG_20150203_204351 IMG_20150203_204701

Instead of gifts, Alina asked the guests to donate a $5 for a little girl in need in Bathore, Albania. The guests were very nice to bring a little something for Alina too.


As a thank you card, I got little glass bottles and put some sand, shells and a thank you note inside and also printed these fun notes!

Thank you for making a splash at my party!

6 thoughts on “Under The Sea Birthday Party Theme

  1. Vajza te te behet 100! Lum ajo per nje mami kaq krijuese sa ti..ke bere nje pune fantastike. Me mahnite fare! You are the best! Faleminderit qe i ndan edhe me ne keto momente kaq te veçanta. Perqafime nga Shqiperia! Djana

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Ta gezoje ditelindjen engjellushja e vogel e mrekullueshme e mamit dhe e babit te vet!!!Megjth nuk e ve ne dyshim qe po kenaqet sa ska me me gjithe ato dekorime fantastike, origjinale, festive et me gjithe ushqimet ne dispozicion.Bravo ledush dhe alina per cfare keni bere, u kenaqa, u mahnita nga aftesia krijuese e juaja.Ju puth e perqafoj folt fale, juuuuuuuuuuuu duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…!!!


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