The Ladybug Song

2016-05-02 14.46.30

It’s the season of the ladybugs. My daughter loves to go explore and look for them everywhere and she has succeeded finding a lot of these cute creatures. Also, we have put them in a jar, watched them and let them go again. My daughter had questions so I had to research on what the ladybugs eat, how to tell a female from a male etc. Oh the joy they bring! Filled with that joy I wrote this poem and I hope you like it. It’s like a ladybug from us to you!


On your arm I will rest to see your little smile

I will make you giggle,

Your nose, I will tickle.


I don’t make a sound but the sound of your laugh

When I touch your hair

Will spread in the air.


Happiness will be contagious to every living person

It will spread around the world

Like a beautiful song.


Who would have thought, it all started with a ladybug

A bug in red and polka dots

A bug that brings cheerful thoughts.


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Ledia Bostic

This Way?


February is one of my favorite months because my daughter was born in February and many people I love and respect were born during this month. Also, some of my dear friends had babies and my heart rejoices with them. Yayyy, more February babies! 🙂

I wrote a poem for my beautiful niece who turned 6, a couple of weeks ago and I thought, ‘Why not dedicate it to all of you February born kids out there, despite how old you are?’

This Way?

Which way should I go?
Which doors to open?
Which memories to keep?
Which ones to be forgotten?

What friends should I make?
What is a perfect time?
What path should I take?
In this little life of mine?

‘My dear, my friend,
You’ll listen to your heart!
Sometimes,  it is true,
It will be hard!

But just like a clock,
It will beat so fast,
It will tell you which way,
Which path is the best!

If that turns to be 
A little too hard,
Keep going my dear,
As long you have your heart! 

Your friends will be there,
I will be there too!
You just keep wondering, 
Until you find YOU!

IMG_20160225_123936 (1)

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.


Ledia Bostic

My Dad Is Superman


I’m telling you, among all men
My dad is Superman!
Believe me, I’ve got proof,
I caught him sitting on the roof!

He said he had to fix a thing
I bet he flew there like the wind.
And the thing he had to fix
Were bad people and their conflicts.

I have proof, I know for sure,
He keeps every kid secure.
Just like me when I am sick
This is his great old trick.

He has mighty arms to hold
And a heart made of gold.
He is strong and lifts me high
Like I’m flying in the sky.

The biggest smile in the world
His love for me won’t grow cold.
Do you believe what I say?
Mom tells him: You save the day!

I haven’t caught him on the tape
But sometimes he wears a cape!
He says, a hero to become,
You need to think and act like one!

So, I’ll think and act like my dad.
I have nothing else to add.
You don’t believe the words I say?
Okay! My dad is my hero anyway!

Party On The Clouds

Picture ©Elizabeth Shippen Green

When it’s storming outside
And you hear loud thunder
Don’t be scared little one
But it’s okay to wonder.

Think as if there’s a party
And clouds are playing drums
Don’t worry about a thing
When you hear those dum-dums!

Yes, it’s big beautiful clouds
Playing a concert up in Cloudland
The fans clap and shout
For their favorite cloud band.

When you hear lots of thunder
Be happy! Nature is singing live!
When you are out of fingers to number
They’re just giving loud high fives!

Don’t be scared little one
From lightning up high in the sky
The concert needs sound and lights
And some wind that goes by.

Next time you hear thunder
Don’t go hide under your cover
Join the party with the clouds
Before it’s gone, before it’s over.

©Ledia Bostic

Today I Choose…


Today I choose joy as I hold her in my arms
I choose to serve her even late at night
I choose to love her dad more than anything
Her little, tiny smile makes my heart sing.

I choose to be happy no matter what day it is
I choose to love her dearly just the way she is
I choose to play with her even when I’m sad
She makes me smile, she makes me forget.

I choose to be a child in the midst of adults
I choose to grow every day for my child
I choose to watch her when she’s asleep
Lay on the floor, beside her, when she is sick.

I choose to be kind with family and friends
I choose to give to strangers a helping hand
I choose to kiss ‘good night’ with a smiling face
I feel I was blessed and I want to bless.

I choose to be a parent when she needs a guide
I choose to be a friend when she needs some fun
I choose to cook with love and… What a bliss!
To have as a dessert my daughter’s sweet kiss!

My life is full of choices I make everyday
Every night a little prayer for her I say
Even when tired I want the best way
She might want to be like me someday!

Under The Sea Birthday Party Theme

It’s my daughter second birthday and one of the things I love to do is planning parties especially for children. She loves fish which is why we went with this theme. Take a splash into the party! Welcome!


I hand made the invitations and almost all the decorations. It was fun because my daughter got to help too.

IMG_20150203_084634 IMG_20150203_084805

The whole house was filled with decorations that make you feel like you are under the sea. We also played a video with colorful coral and fish.


We had a little photo booth so I just put some fun clothes in a trunk related to the theme.




Alina helped me making these star fishes out of salt and flour. They feel like rock.


I made the cake and the cupcakes and they turned out to be delicious! We named all the food with sea related names.

IMG_20150203_085730 IMG_20150203_085801

The cheese is cut in triangles and the cookies are the best snicker doddle cookies I have ever had.

IMG_20150203_085833 IMG_20150203_085903

More delicious food.


Octo-dogs and fish and chips!


For veggies we got carrots and named them Crab Legs and for fruit got blueberries and named them Caviar.


Outside we had sand for the kids to play and some more fun games with bubbles and this game I made from a box etc.

IMG_20150203_090120 IMG_20150203_204244

Shells surrounding a very meaningful poem and my daughter before the party started.

IMG_20150203_204351 IMG_20150203_204701

Instead of gifts, Alina asked the guests to donate a $5 for a little girl in need in Bathore, Albania. The guests were very nice to bring a little something for Alina too.


As a thank you card, I got little glass bottles and put some sand, shells and a thank you note inside and also printed these fun notes!

Thank you for making a splash at my party!



Nese bie bore, nese edhe s’bie,

Dhurata nese s’marr sic kjo feste ka hije,

Nese nuk kam peme e drita ne shtepi,

Serish kam gezim sepse jam femije.


Nese s’kam c’te jap, do jap nje perqafim,

Kartolina nese s’kam, I bej vete me mire,

Babagjyshi  vjen apo jo, ate nate per mua,

Eshte nje dhurate tjeter qe vertet une dua.


Ai lindi ne nje grazhd shume vite me pare,

E takuan dhe barinj, edhe dijetare,

Per drita kishte yjet atje lart ne qiell,

Por ndriti gjithe boten ashtu sic ndrin nje diell.


Po, vertet i dua gjithe keto zbukurime,

Edhe pemen e bukur ne shtepizen time,

Dhe dritat, dhe kenget dhe boren qe bie,

Pa harruar ditelindjen e ketij femije.


Sa dua te kendoj me te gjithe ne bote,

Nje kenge e embel te na bashkoje sot,

Ajo nate e qete, ajo nate e shenjte,

Ajo nate plot drite, per mua e shtrenjte.


Bebi Jezus

Bebi Jezus lindi ne nje grazhd

Aty kish dele, lope e te tjera kafshe.

Prinderit e rriten me shume dashuri,

Ashtu sic prinderit e tu, te duan ty.


Ai lindi qe jeta te marre nje tjeter kuptim,

I do te gjithe, ty, mua dhe vellain tim.

Ne nuk jetojme vec per veten tani,

Jetojme te shkembejme me shume dashuri.


Bebi Jezus: “Gezuar Ditelindjen!”

Te gjithe ju: “Gezuar Krishtlindjen!”


©Ledia Bostic

She Can


She’s out there

Dreaming somewhere

She wants to tell to the world that…she can.

She is out there

So beautiful

She is mine

She brings joy and she brings life

She closes her eyes

And she closes her hopes for another night

She has dreams, so many of them

She knows that she can.

She is the one that you would love

She gives hope to the world.

For a brighter day, for some happiness

No more fear in her life

That’s what I pray

She just wants a chance

Give her a chance!

Many said “You won`t make it,

You were born in the wrong place!

Many said “You are too young

The same told you, “Now it’s too late!

But deep in herself she hoped for that day

The day that her hopes were worth the try.

She didn’t listen because that inner voice

Told her not to cry

She got up on that bus,

She got up on that train

She got up on that plane

She saw an angel

She saw him fly

She took his wings

And went up high

She said she’ll make people happy

And one day when no one knew

She smiled.

Foto attribute: russavia


It’s All The Fall’s Fault

Yes, its been a while since I have posted on my blog… But, you know, I have been a little busy being creative in a different way that I like. It’s not my fault, it’s the Fall’s fault that comes with those beautiful colors and delicious smells; those windy nights and those rainy days that ask for some pair of boots and some good coffee or tea and pumpkin pancakes. The leaves falling become your favorite sound of nature and your child walking and deliberately stepping on them become your inspiration that no matter how many things we have there is nothing that compares with that inner happiness we find in the nature. The first ‘flower’ I got from my husband when we started dating was a leaf and I framed it. That’s exactly how autumn makes me feel, I want to frame every little Fall experience because from falling comes the new life and the glory of the blossoming…












2014-10-02 19.49.47

Retë hedhin litarët e gjatë,

Që shiu të zbresë mbi tokë.

Mijëra pikla rendin me nxitim

Ca bien mbi çadra, ca mbi kokë.


Ca bien mbi pellgje me ujë

Ca bien mbi çati

Ca bien mbi gjethe e lule

Ca lajnë xhamat në çdo shtëpi.


Ca mbi gjuhë vogëlushësh,

Kur përqeshin shoku-shokun.

Ca mbi sy e mbi kapuçë…

Mua sot më lagu bllokun.


Ca pikla bien mbi hundë

Ca mbi det, liqen e shatërvan

Ca mbi rrugë e trotuarë

Ca të tjera makina lajnë.


Kur zbret shiu nga qielli

Të gjithë njerëzit i prek

Kur bie shi mos u dëshpëroni

Kur bie shi, ju prekni retë!


©Ledia Bostic

Ilustration: Shirli Permeti