This Way?


February is one of my favorite months because my daughter was born in February and many people I love and respect were born during this month. Also, some of my dear friends had babies and my heart rejoices with them. Yayyy, more February babies! 🙂

I wrote a poem for my beautiful niece who turned 6, a couple of weeks ago and I thought, ‘Why not dedicate it to all of you February born kids out there, despite how old you are?’

This Way?

Which way should I go?
Which doors to open?
Which memories to keep?
Which ones to be forgotten?

What friends should I make?
What is a perfect time?
What path should I take?
In this little life of mine?

‘My dear, my friend,
You’ll listen to your heart!
Sometimes,  it is true,
It will be hard!

But just like a clock,
It will beat so fast,
It will tell you which way,
Which path is the best!

If that turns to be 
A little too hard,
Keep going my dear,
As long you have your heart! 

Your friends will be there,
I will be there too!
You just keep wondering, 
Until you find YOU!

IMG_20160225_123936 (1)

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.


Ledia Bostic