11 Ways of Painting


You can paint with a brush

Those little chicks that blush.

You can paint with a color spray

A bird, a beautiful blue jay.


You can paint with your finger

A cold snowy day of winter.

You can paint with a sponge

Your mom’s picnic Sunday punch.


You can paint with a leaf

The many colors of a reef.

You can paint with your feet

Walk on paper instead of the street.


You can paint with a color splash

A big watermelon smash.

You can paint with your marbles,

You can paint blowing bubbles.


You can paint using your toes

And paint a morning dew rose.

You can paint with blueberries

Your favorite little fairies.


What you choose to paint with

It doesn’t matter much today.

It matters though if you paint or not

So bring some color to the grey!

photo (4)

Photo credit: Jim Pennucci 

I Took The Train To The Clouds


I took the train to the clouds

And got away from the crowds
With birds singing all the way
A peaceful song in my ears to play.
I saw many different faces
That I have seen in all those places
Where I lay down in soft, soft grass 
Sipping lemonade from a jar of glass. 
I saw sheep and bunny clouds
And trumpets that play loud 
Shook hands with cats and dogs
And kissed a pink fluffy little frog.
Oh the things that I can think
In just one moment of an eye blink
When my dad lifts me in the air
I can’t help to dream, I swear! 
And as my ‘dream train’ takes me away
Softly I close my eyes and pray
May all the children everywhere
Feel the love spreading in the air.