Before There Were 3, We Were 2

I love my husband!

I never thought I would find someone like him because I thought this kind of guy didn’t exist. But when I wasn’t even looking for love, he found me, and never let me go. We got married in Albania and today will mark 4 years since we said “I do” to each-other.

Yes, being happily married is a true thing. I fall in love more and more with this amazing guy and I thank God for who he is every day of my life. He makes me feel like the most beautiful girl alive, he makes me laugh… a lot, we talk and have pleasant conversations about different topics, try to build up one another and love to see each-other successful in what we do, we read together, we pray together and he is the most amazing dad for our little daughter.

He is a great example to her and to what she should  look for in a guy in the future. Every bit of her happiness starts from her two parents being happy and in harmony with each-other. That’s what we try to teach her everyday! So regardless of how many you have in the family, don’t forget to focus on the two of you. The husband and wife relationship is the spine of a family.

If you know Daniel… you know I’m not exaggerating. Also he loves people, he is generous and he knows when to say “Sorry!” Happy Anniversary my love and thank you for making me believe again in marriage and true love.

Here are some pics from our wedding 4 years ago…





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