I am beautiful because I have a daughter


Before my daughter was born I would joke about parts of my body I didn’t like like my teeth or nose, or about me being thin or about me being fat during pregnancy etc. Then I read an article that changed my point of view.

I don’t want my daughter to hear her mom say that she is not pretty or negative thoughts about her.

I want my daughter to be a confident woman, not to be insecure about her body because I think God made her perfect. And this will start from her mom, being confident in who she is.

So everyday before I say anything I choose to say all the great things about this body that gave birth to her. Of course though, I try to eat healthy and exercise to show her that she should be active and stay healthy as well.

My husband always reminds me that I am beautiful no matter what, so he makes this choice easier for me. He also is such a great dad to Alina and he already is trying too to build confidence in our little princess.

So, if you have a daughter, be careful about the words you say about yourself. Respect yourself, love yourself and enjoy the beauty God has given you.

Share this with your mom as well. My mom too many times when I compliment her instead of thanking me she would say, “I’m not young anymore or my hair isn’t at it’s best today.” Now that Alina is born she has to make a choice of how she feels about herself for her granddaughter. 🙂


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