You’ve Got Mail

mail box

The postman appears at your mailbox

And still awakens that hope

That there are no bills, no commercial letters

No sign up for this or for that…just for one day.

But just a letter, a love letter,

A card, a leaf in an envelope,

A blank paper with dried tears

Because someone was thinking of you!

The postman appears at your mailbox

and you wait like a child waits for Santa

For just a note, a printed photo from far,

A drawing of a star from that little hand you miss…

I still hope, everyday I hope.

Oh the hopes a mailbox can bring!

©Ledia Bostic



Through a Child’s Eyes


How we love to act like grown ups! Sometimes more than we should!

Let me tell you a short story…

It was a lovely evening and we went out for dinner. We wanted to eat sushi and we gave this new restaurant in town a try. Since I put my foot inside I didn’t like it much! It was too dark and they put us in a big table so the communication wasn’t very easy especially when you have a baby in a high chair trying to feed her and talk to the others. My in-laws and my lovely niece Kaydence joined us too. I love them!

We order, the food comes… and… not the best sushi I have had. I sat by my niece and my daughter and surprisingly my daughter wasn’t behaving as usual. She wanted to sit in the booth instead of the high chair because she wanted to be near her cousin. Didn’t want to eat much as well. She is a very good baby but that day her crankiness added another factor on me not liking this restaurant. Ohhh, enough with mom’s problems! Let’s get to the point!

All of us didn’t like the restaurant. When we left, we were making comments of what we didn’t like about it, we ask little Kaydence: “Kaydence, did you like it?”

“I loved it” she said. “It was like we were in a movie theater!”

How sweet is that? How creative kids are? She had so much fun! The dark lighting made her think of a movie theater and she remembered the fun things we did. We talked, laughed, danced to the music for a little bit. I could see other kids smiling at us because maybe they wanted to join these crazy dancing people.

But all we could see was this dark place and this not-so-good food.

I have a little prayer today:

In my darkest days

In my longest nights

When I face battles

And I can’t see the Light,

Just hold me on your shoulders

As if I would be a child,

We see everything better

Through the children’s eyes.

Oh yes! My daughter and other kids teach me this lesson every time I forget! Sometimes I want more shoes when actually all I need to walk is two bare feet. I want more stuff when actually what I really need to make me happy is just a hug.

I want to close with this thought:

I was privileged some years ago to meet the writer Philip Yancey at a conference and as he was talking he said something I would never forget. He said:

“I was asked from a child what Heaven looks like, so instead of telling him what I thought, I asked him the same question. “What do you think Heaven looks like?”

The kid answered with his eyes shining: “I think Heaven is made of chocolate! Chocolate fountains, chocolate trees, chocolate rivers.”

I paused for a little bit and answered back to him.

“Yep, I think it’s just like you said!”


© Ledia Bostic



Fun Days of May (Week 3)




I hope you are enjoying this Month so far! I love to go out, plant, long walks, smell at the flowers, swim etc. Here are more fun ideas you can do with your kids and family. Let me know if you enjoy them and which one is your favorite!

May 15

International Day of Families

Write a nice letter to your family sharing how thankful you are to have them in your life and read to them during dinner time.

May 16

Biographers Day

What is a biographer and what is a biography? Teach to your kids about this today and show to them which is your favorite one and why.

May 17

Constitution Day in Norway! Show to your kids where Norway is in the map and have them draw and color the Norwegian flag.

May 18

This is one of my favorites. It’s International Museums Day! Bring your kids to a museum and have fun exploring and learning.

Oh, It’s my Birthday as well! So it’s Ledia’s Day! I know 5 other people that have their birthday on the same day as I do. Do you know others that share their same birthday with you?

May 19 

Sarah Peale was born in 1800. She is a portrait artist. Ask your kid to draw a portrait of him/her. It might be fun! If I draw a protrait of me I would look like a scare crow. 🙂

May 20

Flower Day. Go on a walk and name as many flowers as you know. Write the names down and the kids can have a competition of who can name the most flowers.

May 21

American Red Cross Established in 1881. Donate today to an organization that helps people in need.

May 22

Buy a musical instrument day! If you can’t afford it, go to a instrument shop and look around to inspire dreams for the future. But at the end… just get some Tupperware and containers and make your own drum band. Play and sing out loud having fun with your kids.


Eating Chocolate And Loosing Weight??? Well, It Happens!


After the birth of my daughter I tried hard to loose those pounds I gained during pregnancy and for you who don’t know me, “I never worked hard on loosing weight in my entire life.” But I’m proud that I did it! I set goals and I made it! I did everything I could, exercising, eating healthy but still… those two last pounds were the hardest to go away.

The last couple of weeks I didn’t exercise at all and ate so much because I had friends in town. Also I had my wedding anniversary week and that means I celebrate with ice cream and chocolate every night because that’s how I roll when I party!

I got concerned that I may have gained back some of those pounds I lost. I got on that scale with the same feeling of interviewing for the first job and whatttt??? I had lost 3 pounds! 3 pounds doing nothing! Yes! I was back in the game!

This little story reminds me to… Here it comes… RELAX!

Yes, we work so hard on some things in life and forget to enjoy life. We talk and don’t listen, we make money and loose time, we forget that we have another day to enjoy this beautiful creation that is called: Life! My life, your life is worth living it everyday! Set goals and you’ll make it but don’t forget to step back when you can and celebrate!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have some chocolate to celebrate that I made it another day writing on this blog.

Share it, if you like it and if you do so, you deserve some chocolate! Yes, in deed! Hihihi!

Fun Days of May (Continued)

 As I promised on a recent post, here are more special days and fun activities you can do in the second week of May! 

  2013 05 28_0105

May 8th

No Socks Day –  Do you know that you can make fun crafts with socks? You just need some buttons and some thread. The website below will show you how. If you make yours please send me a pic! I would love to know that you made a day full of it.


May 9th

Birthday of Eleanor Estes. You may ask who is she? Learn more about her clicking the link below and today write a list of all the children authors you know.


May 10th

Clean up your room day! – Yes, don’t let your mom or a sibling to clean your room. You do it and have fun with it. If you clean it very well your mom or dad should give you a prize.


May 11th

Mother’s Day – Celebrate your mom and surprise her with fun gifts you make for her. Here are some of my favorites crafts.

I will post more about this day tomorrow. Keep following me. 🙂


May 12th

Kite day – Make your own kite and fly it high in the sky. Flying kites is one of the most wonderful children’s memories you can create with your family.


May 13th

Tulip Day – I love tulips and the idea below is brilliant. Your family can have so much fun doing this project together. Also make it a competition which one will grow faster and bigger.


May 14th 

Dance like a chicken day! – Click below to get instructions and have a fun and crazy evening with your family dancing like chickens. Ready? Start the music and DANCE!!!!


2013 05 28_0152

Keep in mind that May is the month of flowers so give lots of flowers to your dear ones!


© Ledia Bostic



I Have A Secret Weapon


I Have  Secret Weapon

It’s called a smile,

I use it to make my parents happy,

And to cheer my friend Betty.

If I want grandma to cook for me,

Just a smile I give for free,

Makes her buy the cutest things

She gets younger like she’s got wings.

I don’t know how I do it,

But it helps me a bunch,

Just a smile to my grandpa,

I get candies to munch!

Yes, my secret weapon works,

It works just like that!

The only time my smile don’t work,

Is when I snuggle in the bed,

Oh, there is no turning back!

My parents sing my bedtime song,

And so, my power is all gone!

© Ledia Bostic

Fun Days of May: The First Week’s Activities



Here are some of the most important dates and activities you can have during these days.

blog 2

May 1st

May 1st is International Workers’ Day! If you think it is hard to find an activity to do with your children today here is one!

Take a piece of paper and write letters of the Alphabet. Ask your kids to find an occupation for each letter of the Alphabet.

Another fun activity may be that you ask your kids to draw a picture of what he/she thinks you do at work! It can turn into a funny one!

May 2nd

Leonardo Da Vinci died in 1519

Color a painting by Da Vinci.

Here is a link with free printable coloring papers

May 3rd

First Airplane Landed at North Pole in 1952

Show a map or a globe to the kids and tell them where the north pole is and some characteristics of it.

May 4th

Space Day

Ask your kids to write a Space Adventure they would like to have.

May 5th

Cinco De Mayo, Spanish for fifth of May. It originated with Mexican-American communities in the American West as a way to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War,[8][9] and today the date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.

Teach your child some words in Spanish and go eat Mexican food today.

Also May 5th is the day of all of the National Heroes that died in the Second World War in Albania, the country I am from.

Read to your child an interesting story about this war and why nations fought against Germany at that time.

May 6th

Sigmund Freud’s birthday 1856

Ask your children to tell you or write a dream they had in the past week.

May 7th

Birthday of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1840

Famous Composer of Swan Lake.

Play his music for your kids today or let them watch a part of Swan Lake Ballet.



© Ledia Bostic