Fun in Having no Power in the House


Yes, you may ask, “How in the world can you have fun when there’s no electricity in the house?” Well, some of my best times with my family were those days when we had power cuts.

When Communism fell in Albania in 1991 (Oh, in case I didn’t tell you Albania is a post communist country), many things fell apart too. I mean there were so many good things coming with the Fall and some bad ones. Power cuts were one of them. And… yes, if you mention this to my friends or family we’d think just like any other person would think: there’s no light to do homework, no warm water, actually no warmth at all so blankets and wool socks would help. There’s also cold dinner, walking with your hands in front of your face so you don’t bump your head on walls or doors, can’t find what to wear, not enough candles to burn, oh and when you would walk outside and didn’t see a hole in the ground. I have a couple of stories of people falling into those. Frustrating, right?

But also those great memories! The talks, reading a book, making shadow hand shapes on the wall, the laughter in the living room that no darkness could put down! The warmth that a little candle would bring. We would tell lot’s of jokes and play games. My dad’s favorite game was to name countries or cities that start with a certain letter. Most of the countries I know today is because of those games with my dad. Yes, there was nothing else to do, but how can I forget my dad’s eyes full of joy for always winning this game.

Yes, no electricity sometimes is a blessing, a blessing that teaches us how to stop for a moment or hours in my case, and talk, connect and build those memories that even after 20 years or more you remember and hope to pass on to your kids.

Are you ready to find a time to build memories without TV or phones on today?

That Little Light of Encouragement…

That Little Light of Encouragement...

Sometimes we keep going even in a thick dark forest because there is this light that leads us… It’s not big but it’s bright, bright enough for us to see ahead. There will always be a light of encouragement and a hand of a friend to help you, just keep going…

Children Activities Parents Can Do This April

April is a great month! Here are some special events and also some special fun learning activities you can do with your children. I have worked with kids most of my life and I loved it! I’m so excited to help you make this month unforgettable bonding with your children. I will try to do this for every month.

April is Gardening Month and Volunteer Month.

April 1stApril’s Fool’s Day. Teach your kids what are good jokes and bad jokes to make on this day. Also laugh if they are trying to make you laugh today!

April 2nd – International Children’s Book Day. Hans Christian Andersen was born. He is my favorite writer as well. Read to your child about him. Also go to a library or a book store. Let your kid touch the books and choose one. Read it to them in a special corner that you both like. My daughter loves books. Barnes & Nobles is our place to go. Image

April 3rd – Find a Rainbow Day. Teach your kids how a rainbow is formed, when does it appear in the sky etc. If you can’t find one in the sky, just show them colored pencils, crayons, mom’s closet, nail polish bottles and tell your child/children to pick different colors that would make a rainbow.

April 4th – Walk around things Day. Take a walk to the park. Tell your children to walk around benches, each other, playground etc. Have fun with them, If walking is too slow then, run!!!

April 5th – Read a road map Day. – Show to your children the importance of a road map and explain some guidelines how they can read it. I would let my husband do this since I’m not good at this. I get so confused sometimes. Hahaha!

April 6th – Jump over things Day! – Kids love to jump! Be creative! Put toys or boxes around the house and tell your kids since it’s Jump over things Day, we’ll try to jump instead of just walking over.

April 7th – World Health Day – Explain to your children how important is to stay healthy and help them to understand that there are so many kids all over the world that suffer from diseases. Also, donate to an organization that is helping kids. I worked with poor kids for more than 10 years of my life in Albania and nothing compares with the joy of making a little child happy just because they get some gloves that are going to keep them warm.

April 8th – Go to the Zoo Day. – Find the nearest zoo and go! If not, get a documentary about animals or a movie about the jungle. If your child is less than 2 years old then read to them about animals.

April 9th – You name it Day! – Today just do whatever you want to do! I would call it “Stay in bed day” but with a baby that ain’t gonna happen!

April 10th – Siblings Day. – Make your own card, drawing and write nice words for the siblings. If yours is the only child then you make your own card for your siblings.

April 11th – Jackie Robinson Day. – He was the first black person playing baseball in the Major League. Google more about him and share some interesting facts with your child.

April 12th – Wind Day. – If it’s not windy outside just turn on the fans in your house and pretend like you are having a bad windy day! 🙂

April 13th – Scrabble Day. Teach your kids how to play scrabble. Fun!!!

April 14th – Reach high Day. – Today ask to the kids to try to touch things that are too high for them. Maybe top of the door frame, jump to get dad’s hat off his head, or high five!

April 15th – Leonardo Da Vinci was born Day. – Read to your kids about this painter and show some of the most famous paintings he has made to them.

April 16th – No stress Day. – Parents, let it go! If something brakes or get dirty, just smile and nobody should stress about it! If kids ask you what stress is just find fun ways to explain.

April 17th – My anniversary! – I know it’s not a fun day for kids but you can explain to them how important your marriage to their dad or their mom is to you.

April 18th – Pet’s Day. – Take your kids and your pet (if it’s a dog) for a walk and go buy them a special treat. My daughter loves her pet! First word she said was “Coco”! If you don’t have a pet, show to your kids the fun things and responsibilities that come owning one. Image

April 19th – Humorous Day. – Read or tell a bunch of jokes today and keep the humor up for your kids and family.

April 20th – Easter!!! – Read to your child the story of Easter and of course don’t miss egg hunting!!

April 21st – Kindergarten Day! – Show kids what kindergarten is about if you are homeschooling and if they already go to kindergarten tell them what a special place kindergarten is.

April 22nd – Earth Day. – Plant a tree or a cactus, a flower etc.

April 23rd – William Shakespeare was born. – Tell your kids what a great writer he is and that many theatrical pieces were written from him.

April 24th – Take your kids to work Day – It says itself! Bring your kids to work and show them what you do. If you are a stay at home mom like me, ask your husband to do that instead.

April 25th – Telephone Day – Show to your kids old telephones, maybe grandma still has one! If not go online and show them pictures.

April 26th – Hug a friend Day – Give hugs to all of your friends! Encourage kids to do that today!

April 27th – Tell a story Day – Ask your children to tell a story. If you want to include grandparents or other cousins and make a little theater while your kids tell a story would mean so much to your kiddos.

April 29th – Zipper Day – Show to your kids some clothes, pillows, etc that we put zippers on and how important they are.

April 30th – Honesty Day – Remind your children how important is to be honest every day of their life and start by being honest yourself to teach the best lesson.


Well, here they are! Leave a comment if they are helpful to you! Give your children a big kiss from me!

5 “Secrets” to a Successful Long Distance Relationship


I never believed in long distance relationships until I met Daniel, my husband. Yes, we lived on two different continents, we loved each-other, we missed each-other and we made it! We didn’t lose each-other but got married and we are still very much in love even after 6 years and continue to be best friends. I know different couples who have asked us for some advise on this topic and I decided to share what made our distance relationship the closest relationship regardless of the two different languages, different cultures, high phone bills, travel costs, etc.

Well, here are 5 “secrets” that made us go beyond every difficulty:

1. Stay in touch EVERYDAY! A phone call, Skype (Thank God for this invention), txt, emails. Emails were one of my favorite. Daniel would write very nice things about me and I would read them over and over when I’d miss him during the day. He would write romantic emails to me because he knew I love reading romantic letters from him. 🙂

2. Phone conversations are for talking! I have heard many couples saying that they don’t know what to say sometimes during long phone calls and many times they just repeat the same words, “I love you!” or “I miss you!”. Don’t get me wrong… it’s OK to say all those words. I recommend to talk about different topics. Sometimes I would write interesting stuff or thoughts that I had throughout the day that I wanted to talk to him about because I knew I would forget. Also, we would read the same book or articles at the same time and discuss it. We still do! Oh how we love those nights by the fire reading “Le Miserables”, C.S. Lewis, the Bible, etc, etc. And… if you are from different cultures, share the differences and learn and laugh about them.

3. Trust each-other. I did
n’t know all of Daniel’s friends neither did he know mine but I trusted him. I knew he was a very respectable young man and I knew he loved me and was honest with me. I would go out with my friends and he wouldn’t get jealous. He trusted me and my friends. We still do!

4. Look forward to what you’re building! Now 4 years later we are still discovering how much that long distance thing has helped our communication. As I said earlier, we love to talk to each-other. We still want to spend all of our time together even after being married for 4 years. We have fun just sitting and talking sometimes or walking and talking. Remember, you are building a great foundation of strong communication.

5. Think positive and have fun with it! One day the distance will end. You will soon be together. Enjoy your friends and family and the things that mean a lot to you in your life now. One day there might be things you’ll miss from this period of your life.


Well, I hope this was helpful! Let me know from your experience if I need to add some more “secrets”. 🙂