Party On The Clouds

Picture ©Elizabeth Shippen Green

When it’s storming outside
And you hear loud thunder
Don’t be scared little one
But it’s okay to wonder.

Think as if there’s a party
And clouds are playing drums
Don’t worry about a thing
When you hear those dum-dums!

Yes, it’s big beautiful clouds
Playing a concert up in Cloudland
The fans clap and shout
For their favorite cloud band.

When you hear lots of thunder
Be happy! Nature is singing live!
When you are out of fingers to number
They’re just giving loud high fives!

Don’t be scared little one
From lightning up high in the sky
The concert needs sound and lights
And some wind that goes by.

Next time you hear thunder
Don’t go hide under your cover
Join the party with the clouds
Before it’s gone, before it’s over.

©Ledia Bostic

Today I Choose…


Today I choose joy as I hold her in my arms
I choose to serve her even late at night
I choose to love her dad more than anything
Her little, tiny smile makes my heart sing.

I choose to be happy no matter what day it is
I choose to love her dearly just the way she is
I choose to play with her even when I’m sad
She makes me smile, she makes me forget.

I choose to be a child in the midst of adults
I choose to grow every day for my child
I choose to watch her when she’s asleep
Lay on the floor, beside her, when she is sick.

I choose to be kind with family and friends
I choose to give to strangers a helping hand
I choose to kiss ‘good night’ with a smiling face
I feel I was blessed and I want to bless.

I choose to be a parent when she needs a guide
I choose to be a friend when she needs some fun
I choose to cook with love and… What a bliss!
To have as a dessert my daughter’s sweet kiss!

My life is full of choices I make everyday
Every night a little prayer for her I say
Even when tired I want the best way
She might want to be like me someday!