Play Fun, Play Dough!

Play Dough

Play dough, play dough,
It’s so fun to play,
You can make a bird,
A beautiful blue jay!

Yes way!

Who needs all these toys
When you become the maker
Of a colorful house,
That lays on a green acre.

I’m not a story maker!

You can make a star,
You can make a snake
You can make a bunny
You can make a cake!

How cool is that?

I know someone
That would make trees
And turtles and flowers
And tiny little bees.

Trust me please!

I can make a butterfly,
I can make a fish,
The funniest part though,
Is when smashed and squished.

It’s like jelly fish!

Let’s not buy toys
For sometimes I say,
Just get some play dough
It will save your day!

It will be okay!


I decided today not to tell to my daughter ‘No!’, when she does simple mistakes such as how an animal should sound; I didn’t tell her ‘No!’ when she flipped too many pages through her book just to go to her favorite picture first; I didn’t get impatient when she ate lunch so slow by herself with out my help; I didn’t mind if she sat on the floor behaving like one of our dogs; I didn’t correct her when instead of saying ‘fish’ she says, “Cocoli!”, (How did she even came up with that? Hearing “fish” and saying “cocoli” are two way different words from each other). Today, I didn’t tell my husband to not give her any of his sugar coated cereal, (Yes, I’m one of those moms all about healthy food). I didn’t tell her ‘No!’ when she wanted to jump in a rain puddle.  


And I laughed, I smiled, and I cherished every little moment… when she wanted all her baby dolls and fluffy toys in her crib and when she wanted to eat a snack on our bed. 


She will grow so fast and I want to stop and be able to be thankful about all these little things that make her the cutest. Feel the peace and beauty in the midst of all the changing diapers and training and learning and schedules.  


I’m thankful that God chose me, in the midst of the imperfections I have and gave me this little perfect being, trusting me to be her mom. 

When you are thankful it’s easy to see perfection in a mess. 



Two Lessons That Affect Your Whole Life



I was sending a text message to my husband when he was at work and I was saying how much I appreciate what he does and I respect him very much for working so hard for his family.

What I get back from him was a text message saying: “I love you too!”

“Ok babe, really?!” – I thought, “I didn’t say any I love you in that message, Why don’t you read carefully?”

When he came home, I told him jokingly how he never reads my text messages right but he answered, “I read it and I felt so loved so I wanted to send you some love back.”

It is amazing what words can do. They can build up a man, form a beautiful relationship, they can bring love to you but they also can destroy many. In the end just like the author of the “Book Thief” says, “We are our words.”

Here’s two lessons for today:

1. Respect and tell the men in your life how much you respect what they do and they will give you back LOVE. It’s a man thing! Show some RESPECT, get some LOVE! I’ve read a whole book about this and I agree!


2. Be careful what you say and how, because like Bible says in Proverbs 

“Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and healthy to the body.”

Words have so much power on us. Since we were little we remember the words that helped us like or dislike ourselves, be strong or insecure. Also, people who like to get into fights with others a lot suffer physically too because of stress, being trouble minded and unforgiveness.

So, if you want to be healthy, exercise the kind words in your vocabulary!

Through a Child’s Eyes


How we love to act like grown ups! Sometimes more than we should!

Let me tell you a short story…

It was a lovely evening and we went out for dinner. We wanted to eat sushi and we gave this new restaurant in town a try. Since I put my foot inside I didn’t like it much! It was too dark and they put us in a big table so the communication wasn’t very easy especially when you have a baby in a high chair trying to feed her and talk to the others. My in-laws and my lovely niece Kaydence joined us too. I love them!

We order, the food comes… and… not the best sushi I have had. I sat by my niece and my daughter and surprisingly my daughter wasn’t behaving as usual. She wanted to sit in the booth instead of the high chair because she wanted to be near her cousin. Didn’t want to eat much as well. She is a very good baby but that day her crankiness added another factor on me not liking this restaurant. Ohhh, enough with mom’s problems! Let’s get to the point!

All of us didn’t like the restaurant. When we left, we were making comments of what we didn’t like about it, we ask little Kaydence: “Kaydence, did you like it?”

“I loved it” she said. “It was like we were in a movie theater!”

How sweet is that? How creative kids are? She had so much fun! The dark lighting made her think of a movie theater and she remembered the fun things we did. We talked, laughed, danced to the music for a little bit. I could see other kids smiling at us because maybe they wanted to join these crazy dancing people.

But all we could see was this dark place and this not-so-good food.

I have a little prayer today:

In my darkest days

In my longest nights

When I face battles

And I can’t see the Light,

Just hold me on your shoulders

As if I would be a child,

We see everything better

Through the children’s eyes.

Oh yes! My daughter and other kids teach me this lesson every time I forget! Sometimes I want more shoes when actually all I need to walk is two bare feet. I want more stuff when actually what I really need to make me happy is just a hug.

I want to close with this thought:

I was privileged some years ago to meet the writer Philip Yancey at a conference and as he was talking he said something I would never forget. He said:

“I was asked from a child what Heaven looks like, so instead of telling him what I thought, I asked him the same question. “What do you think Heaven looks like?”

The kid answered with his eyes shining: “I think Heaven is made of chocolate! Chocolate fountains, chocolate trees, chocolate rivers.”

I paused for a little bit and answered back to him.

“Yep, I think it’s just like you said!”


© Ledia Bostic



Eating Chocolate And Loosing Weight??? Well, It Happens!


After the birth of my daughter I tried hard to loose those pounds I gained during pregnancy and for you who don’t know me, “I never worked hard on loosing weight in my entire life.” But I’m proud that I did it! I set goals and I made it! I did everything I could, exercising, eating healthy but still… those two last pounds were the hardest to go away.

The last couple of weeks I didn’t exercise at all and ate so much because I had friends in town. Also I had my wedding anniversary week and that means I celebrate with ice cream and chocolate every night because that’s how I roll when I party!

I got concerned that I may have gained back some of those pounds I lost. I got on that scale with the same feeling of interviewing for the first job and whatttt??? I had lost 3 pounds! 3 pounds doing nothing! Yes! I was back in the game!

This little story reminds me to… Here it comes… RELAX!

Yes, we work so hard on some things in life and forget to enjoy life. We talk and don’t listen, we make money and loose time, we forget that we have another day to enjoy this beautiful creation that is called: Life! My life, your life is worth living it everyday! Set goals and you’ll make it but don’t forget to step back when you can and celebrate!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have some chocolate to celebrate that I made it another day writing on this blog.

Share it, if you like it and if you do so, you deserve some chocolate! Yes, in deed! Hihihi!