Today I Choose…


Today I choose joy as I hold her in my arms
I choose to serve her even late at night
I choose to love her dad more than anything
Her little, tiny smile makes my heart sing.

I choose to be happy no matter what day it is
I choose to love her dearly just the way she is
I choose to play with her even when I’m sad
She makes me smile, she makes me forget.

I choose to be a child in the midst of adults
I choose to grow every day for my child
I choose to watch her when she’s asleep
Lay on the floor, beside her, when she is sick.

I choose to be kind with family and friends
I choose to give to strangers a helping hand
I choose to kiss ‘good night’ with a smiling face
I feel I was blessed and I want to bless.

I choose to be a parent when she needs a guide
I choose to be a friend when she needs some fun
I choose to cook with love and… What a bliss!
To have as a dessert my daughter’s sweet kiss!

My life is full of choices I make everyday
Every night a little prayer for her I say
Even when tired I want the best way
She might want to be like me someday!

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