Eating Chocolate And Loosing Weight??? Well, It Happens!


After the birth of my daughter I tried hard to loose those pounds I gained during pregnancy and for you who don’t know me, “I never worked hard on loosing weight in my entire life.” But I’m proud that I did it! I set goals and I made it! I did everything I could, exercising, eating healthy but still… those two last pounds were the hardest to go away.

The last couple of weeks I didn’t exercise at all and ate so much because I had friends in town. Also I had my wedding anniversary week and that means I celebrate with ice cream and chocolate every night because that’s how I roll when I party!

I got concerned that I may have gained back some of those pounds I lost. I got on that scale with the same feeling of interviewing for the first job and whatttt??? I had lost 3 pounds! 3 pounds doing nothing! Yes! I was back in the game!

This little story reminds me to… Here it comes… RELAX!

Yes, we work so hard on some things in life and forget to enjoy life. We talk and don’t listen, we make money and loose time, we forget that we have another day to enjoy this beautiful creation that is called: Life! My life, your life is worth living it everyday! Set goals and you’ll make it but don’t forget to step back when you can and celebrate!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have some chocolate to celebrate that I made it another day writing on this blog.

Share it, if you like it and if you do so, you deserve some chocolate! Yes, in deed! Hihihi!

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