Two Lessons That Affect Your Whole Life



I was sending a text message to my husband when he was at work and I was saying how much I appreciate what he does and I respect him very much for working so hard for his family.

What I get back from him was a text message saying: “I love you too!”

“Ok babe, really?!” – I thought, “I didn’t say any I love you in that message, Why don’t you read carefully?”

When he came home, I told him jokingly how he never reads my text messages right but he answered, “I read it and I felt so loved so I wanted to send you some love back.”

It is amazing what words can do. They can build up a man, form a beautiful relationship, they can bring love to you but they also can destroy many. In the end just like the author of the “Book Thief” says, “We are our words.”

Here’s two lessons for today:

1. Respect and tell the men in your life how much you respect what they do and they will give you back LOVE. It’s a man thing! Show some RESPECT, get some LOVE! I’ve read a whole book about this and I agree!


2. Be careful what you say and how, because like Bible says in Proverbs 

“Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and healthy to the body.”

Words have so much power on us. Since we were little we remember the words that helped us like or dislike ourselves, be strong or insecure. Also, people who like to get into fights with others a lot suffer physically too because of stress, being trouble minded and unforgiveness.

So, if you want to be healthy, exercise the kind words in your vocabulary!

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