Through a Child’s Eyes


How we love to act like grown ups! Sometimes more than we should!

Let me tell you a short story…

It was a lovely evening and we went out for dinner. We wanted to eat sushi and we gave this new restaurant in town a try. Since I put my foot inside I didn’t like it much! It was too dark and they put us in a big table so the communication wasn’t very easy especially when you have a baby in a high chair trying to feed her and talk to the others. My in-laws and my lovely niece Kaydence joined us too. I love them!

We order, the food comes… and… not the best sushi I have had. I sat by my niece and my daughter and surprisingly my daughter wasn’t behaving as usual. She wanted to sit in the booth instead of the high chair because she wanted to be near her cousin. Didn’t want to eat much as well. She is a very good baby but that day her crankiness added another factor on me not liking this restaurant. Ohhh, enough with mom’s problems! Let’s get to the point!

All of us didn’t like the restaurant. When we left, we were making comments of what we didn’t like about it, we ask little Kaydence: “Kaydence, did you like it?”

“I loved it” she said. “It was like we were in a movie theater!”

How sweet is that? How creative kids are? She had so much fun! The dark lighting made her think of a movie theater and she remembered the fun things we did. We talked, laughed, danced to the music for a little bit. I could see other kids smiling at us because maybe they wanted to join these crazy dancing people.

But all we could see was this dark place and this not-so-good food.

I have a little prayer today:

In my darkest days

In my longest nights

When I face battles

And I can’t see the Light,

Just hold me on your shoulders

As if I would be a child,

We see everything better

Through the children’s eyes.

Oh yes! My daughter and other kids teach me this lesson every time I forget! Sometimes I want more shoes when actually all I need to walk is two bare feet. I want more stuff when actually what I really need to make me happy is just a hug.

I want to close with this thought:

I was privileged some years ago to meet the writer Philip Yancey at a conference and as he was talking he said something I would never forget. He said:

“I was asked from a child what Heaven looks like, so instead of telling him what I thought, I asked him the same question. “What do you think Heaven looks like?”

The kid answered with his eyes shining: “I think Heaven is made of chocolate! Chocolate fountains, chocolate trees, chocolate rivers.”

I paused for a little bit and answered back to him.

“Yep, I think it’s just like you said!”


© Ledia Bostic



One thought on “Through a Child’s Eyes

  1. Sweet Ledia,
    Stop it…your beautiful thoughts and words make me cry!!! ~ _ ~
    Thank-you for sharing your gift of communication!
    Blessings and grace XXOO


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