First lesson I learned about blogging was from Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a great writer, communicator and blogger. He has so many following his website that all bloggers out there wish to have the same measure of success. Also he encourages and teaches new bloggers to be successful. My husband always would get Hyatt’s updates via email and we would read them together. Also, if I would get discouraged about blogging, my lovely husband would quote Michael Hyatt to me or say, “Read what Michael Hyatt says about this!” 

Well, the other day I subscribed to get his updates in my own email, and after a couple of hours, there it was! The first email from Michael Hyatt!!! This is what he wrote:

“I messed up…

Earlier this morning I sent you an email I shouldn’t have sent.
The email contained my latest post, but there was a problem…
None of the links in the email were working.

Rule #1 when you send an email: check the links!

Lesson learned.

The most important thing for me right now is to make sure you get the post.”  

Isn’t it great? Yes, we all make mistakes (even Michael Hyatt or someone from his team) but then we learn, apologize and move forward.

So always double check your emails or posts.

When I used to work as the editor of a children magazine in Albania or edit my own writings before my editor would see them, still I would find little mistakes even after checking several times. 

So, when you post on Social Media, send an email or write something like a poem, article, a paper, double check! If Michael Hyatt makes mistakes who are we to not make any? Hahaha! 


If you are interested to see what Michael Hyatt has to say you can go to his website HERE: 

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