5 “Secrets” to a Successful Long Distance Relationship


I never believed in long distance relationships until I met Daniel, my husband. Yes, we lived on two different continents, we loved each-other, we missed each-other and we made it! We didn’t lose each-other but got married and we are still very much in love even after 6 years and continue to be best friends. I know different couples who have asked us for some advise on this topic and I decided to share what made our distance relationship the closest relationship regardless of the two different languages, different cultures, high phone bills, travel costs, etc.

Well, here are 5 “secrets” that made us go beyond every difficulty:

1. Stay in touch EVERYDAY! A phone call, Skype (Thank God for this invention), txt, emails. Emails were one of my favorite. Daniel would write very nice things about me and I would read them over and over when I’d miss him during the day. He would write romantic emails to me because he knew I love reading romantic letters from him. 🙂

2. Phone conversations are for talking! I have heard many couples saying that they don’t know what to say sometimes during long phone calls and many times they just repeat the same words, “I love you!” or “I miss you!”. Don’t get me wrong… it’s OK to say all those words. I recommend to talk about different topics. Sometimes I would write interesting stuff or thoughts that I had throughout the day that I wanted to talk to him about because I knew I would forget. Also, we would read the same book or articles at the same time and discuss it. We still do! Oh how we love those nights by the fire reading “Le Miserables”, C.S. Lewis, the Bible, etc, etc. And… if you are from different cultures, share the differences and learn and laugh about them.

3. Trust each-other. I did
n’t know all of Daniel’s friends neither did he know mine but I trusted him. I knew he was a very respectable young man and I knew he loved me and was honest with me. I would go out with my friends and he wouldn’t get jealous. He trusted me and my friends. We still do!

4. Look forward to what you’re building! Now 4 years later we are still discovering how much that long distance thing has helped our communication. As I said earlier, we love to talk to each-other. We still want to spend all of our time together even after being married for 4 years. We have fun just sitting and talking sometimes or walking and talking. Remember, you are building a great foundation of strong communication.

5. Think positive and have fun with it! One day the distance will end. You will soon be together. Enjoy your friends and family and the things that mean a lot to you in your life now. One day there might be things you’ll miss from this period of your life.


Well, I hope this was helpful! Let me know from your experience if I need to add some more “secrets”. 🙂

2 thoughts on “5 “Secrets” to a Successful Long Distance Relationship

  1. These advices are very helpful not only for long distance relationship:

    -Trust each other- is crucial for a relationship. Without trust, it’s hard to build a strong relationship;
    -Conversation also help a couple to be the best friend of each other.

    Many thanks for reminding us these and looking forward to reading your next article.

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