It was more than two years ago that I hadn’t bought new running shoes. I love walking almost every day and the old shoes were worn out. My lovely husband saw how old they were getting, took me shopping for new ones and I found some I like! Yayy! Only when I tried on my new shoes did I realize how old my other ones were. Sometimes we need some help from others to show us some things we need to change in our life. 🙂

This made me think that sometimes we continue to do our everyday things and are afraid to try something new because we don’t like to go out of our comfort zone. But how many things are out there waiting for you? New adventures, your dream job, trying a new hobby, writing a book, opening your own business etc.

Live the life you have always dreamed of and don’t be afraid of doing something you think is hard or impossible. Once you put on the new shoes you’ll see how great they’ll feel on you and how your walk in life will be more enjoyable.

New Shoes

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