It’s All The Fall’s Fault

Yes, its been a while since I have posted on my blog… But, you know, I have been a little busy being creative in a different way that I like. It’s not my fault, it’s the Fall’s fault that comes with those beautiful colors and delicious smells; those windy nights and those rainy days that ask for some pair of boots and some good coffee or tea and pumpkin pancakes. The leaves falling become your favorite sound of nature and your child walking and deliberately stepping on them become your inspiration that no matter how many things we have there is nothing that compares with that inner happiness we find in the nature. The first ‘flower’ I got from my husband when we started dating was a leaf and I framed it. That’s exactly how autumn makes me feel, I want to frame every little Fall experience because from falling comes the new life and the glory of the blossoming…











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