Fun in Having no Power in the House


Yes, you may ask, “How in the world can you have fun when there’s no electricity in the house?” Well, some of my best times with my family were those days when we had power cuts.

When Communism fell in Albania in 1991 (Oh, in case I didn’t tell you Albania is a post communist country), many things fell apart too. I mean there were so many good things coming with the Fall and some bad ones. Power cuts were one of them. And… yes, if you mention this to my friends or family we’d think just like any other person would think: there’s no light to do homework, no warm water, actually no warmth at all so blankets and wool socks would help. There’s also cold dinner, walking with your hands in front of your face so you don’t bump your head on walls or doors, can’t find what to wear, not enough candles to burn, oh and when you would walk outside and didn’t see a hole in the ground. I have a couple of stories of people falling into those. Frustrating, right?

But also those great memories! The talks, reading a book, making shadow hand shapes on the wall, the laughter in the living room that no darkness could put down! The warmth that a little candle would bring. We would tell lot’s of jokes and play games. My dad’s favorite game was to name countries or cities that start with a certain letter. Most of the countries I know today is because of those games with my dad. Yes, there was nothing else to do, but how can I forget my dad’s eyes full of joy for always winning this game.

Yes, no electricity sometimes is a blessing, a blessing that teaches us how to stop for a moment or hours in my case, and talk, connect and build those memories that even after 20 years or more you remember and hope to pass on to your kids.

Are you ready to find a time to build memories without TV or phones on today?

5 thoughts on “Fun in Having no Power in the House

  1. you reminded me a very good period, as I have discarded the negative side 🙂 An important thing of that period was the family gathered in the same place for few wonderful hours. I wish we could have the same with our ‘new’ families. We used to play with words, too. A very good brain gym 🙂


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