Meet Ledia


1. I was born and raised in Europe, in the beautiful country of Albania! Yes, Albania is a country, small… but exists!

2. My daughter’s name is Alina. I named her after my favorite doll I had when I was little. Since then, I wished that if I had a daughter I would name her Alina.

3. I speak Albanian, Italian, English and I have studied Romanian language for a full year. Knowing Italian helps to learn other Latin languages easily. I want to learn Portuguese next.

4. Albania is a post communist country and I was raised during communism time. I have lot’s of stories to share about that. I love my childhood!

5. My husband is American so we have lot’s of fun exploring the two different languages and cultural differences.

6. I love traveling. I traveled pregnant different times, mainly on a bus for 18 hours on 3 trips back and forth to Colorado. I hope my daughter enjoys traveling too.

7. My sister is famous in Albania. Many times people have introduced me as: “Mariza’s sister”.  🙂

8. I have worked most of my life for and with children. I have even dressed as a clown many times to entertain them.

9. I have published many stories and poems mainly for kids and I have so many unpublished. I am trying to write in English but the words don’t come as easy as in Albanian.

10. Thanks to my dad I have such a love for animals. I have helped others adopt stray animals I would pick up from the side of the road or dumpsters of course after cleaning and taking care of them. So lucky my husband and daughter are the same.

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