The Ladybug Song

2016-05-02 14.46.30

It’s the season of the ladybugs. My daughter loves to go explore and look for them everywhere and she has succeeded finding a lot of these cute creatures. Also, we have put them in a jar, watched them and let them go again. My daughter had questions so I had to research on what the ladybugs eat, how to tell a female from a male etc. Oh the joy they bring! Filled with that joy I wrote this poem and I hope you like it. It’s like a ladybug from us to you!


On your arm I will rest to see your little smile

I will make you giggle,

Your nose, I will tickle.


I don’t make a sound but the sound of your laugh

When I touch your hair

Will spread in the air.


Happiness will be contagious to every living person

It will spread around the world

Like a beautiful song.


Who would have thought, it all started with a ladybug

A bug in red and polka dots

A bug that brings cheerful thoughts.


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Ledia Bostic